Understanding Allergies

Understanding Allergies, Root-Cause Analysis

Every person develops allergies; however, most people never realize an allergy attack is the cause of another issue they might experience. Sinus infections, colds, bronchitis, sneezing, coughing, itching, and reduced immunity are all signs of an allergy attack being ignored and going untreated. While an allergy attack is a sign that the immune system is working too well or too hard, there may be natural solutions that can greatly reduce the severity of allergy issues.
Once an allergy issue develops into some form of physical symptom, the person is treated for those symptoms or illnesses and not the allergy issue itself. Meaning that the actual underlying issue is not resolved, which is why allergies come back and continue to interfere with our daily lives. If the underlying problem is resolved, such as the case when the cause of an allergy is no longer ingested, then the allergies stop. Well, what about seasonal allergies and other allergens that are not so easy to cut out of our lives, such as dust?
First, let's understand what an allergy is. Anything that your body interacts with, consumes, of otherwise comes in contact with on a regular basis on a long term basis will eventually trigger some sort of a response from our bodies that a foreign element is being over-consumed or interacted with and try to defend against the external product as if it was an allergen. For example, cigarette smokers all eventually become allergic to to the ingredients in a cigarette. Another example is the statistics of people allergic to peanuts or corn, which are both widely used in almost all supermarket shelf items in one form or another. We put soy and peanuts in so many foods, that many children become allergic before they are even adults. The body simply cannot tolerate the same product being ingested so frequently. It is said that all things in moderation is the key to life. Well that same principle applies to foods and medicines. Pets may become allergic to beef or chicken after a few years of a repetitive diet from the same manufacturer year after year. In fact, nowadays, it doesn't have to be the same manufacturer anymmore, because almost all pet food brands use the exact same ingredients, so pets form allergies to the foods regardless of which brand their owner purchases. An alternative for pets is to purchase whole food or limited ingredient meals that do not include chicken or beef. Searching online should yield a number of specialty pet food distributors that cater to this specialty need. Acne and skin blemishes are all micro-allergy attacks in most cases. Acne is the skin's reaction to a foreign element interacting with the surface of the skin. If the foreign element is ingested first, then acne may be brought on as an attempt of the body to rid itself of those foreign elements circulating throughout the body. When skin changes color in one way or another, the likely cause is almost always a foreign material adversely affecting the body, and the skin is the first line of defense against any foreign materials not ingested, so naturally, it will show signs when defending against foreign anamolies.
Eventually most people simply change habits and the problem is resolved, sort of. With seasonal allergies, moving to a different time zone can provide temporary relief for up to one or two years. After that period, the new area's allergens will begin affecting the body the same way the allergens did in the old area. New habits replacing the old will eventually introduce new reactions from the body, so moving out of the area will only provide temporary relief.
The key to health is moderation and change. Never do the same thing two days in a row. All children should get allergy tests before their teenage years begin. Smokers should find the most natural and chemical-free alternative for their addiction. Organic tobacco is a better product against allergy symptoms than regular cigarettes. Smoking out of a pipe or cigar is better than burning chemically-treated papers and strips of glue that cause the most harm with cigarette smoking. Among pipes and cigars, even cheap corncob pipes are not as effective as pipes made out of harder materials as the ashes and fire char the insiding of the pipe, which then eventually releases cancerous microscopic bits of pollutants into the lungs. As far as pipes go, glass is a liquid not a solid, so smoking tobacco out of a glass-made pipe will cause the least damage as no particles (99% of the time) can be charred from the glass itself since it is a slow-moving liquid.
When you wake up, and you are not in a great mood, ready to tackle the day, full of energy, then guess what? Your body spent the night recovering from some allergen or foreign invader, and the result is feeling run down and tired. When you spend the night recovering instead of re-energizing, the result is that you wake up groggy and worn down, and eventually some disease may manifest as a result of the immune system being overworked and allergy symptoms or some foreign element corrupting the health of the body being neglected.