Fractal Fiction - Poetry Path {WIP}

Poetry Path

Choose your own poetic path by selecting 1 of the 4 options of homonymous phrases: (see instructions below)
Food for birds, n/a
Past aside, skill...
Food for bird's n/a
Pest. A side skill...
Pesticides kill
Food for birds. n/a
Pesticide skill?
Food for birds! n/a

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The image in the center of the page shows the start of a palindromic poem composed of three lines of text.

The center line in the image is shared between two other lines of text.

The two other lines of text are homophones, like Two Day's Weigh and Today's Way.

The two homonym phrases surrounding a single sentence from a parent homonym set, meaning that the center line is a homonym chosen from a previous image.

In other words, sentences that sound exactly alike but have different meanings and spelled differently are matched with the same sentence between them.

The image shows three sentence lines.

The first and third lines of text sound alike.

The second line becomes the ending to the first line, creating or adding to a poem.

The second line is also the beginning of the last line in the image, adding the second half to the same poem.

The boxes above the image are the top lines to those lines contained under the image, creating a palindromic poem with homonyms in reverse sequence from the center.

So, each of the sentences above the image match with one of the sentences below the image, and those two sentences are each reciprocal homonyms of each other.

Each set of homonym pairs combine to form a palindromic poem of homonyms.

From the available links above, always a set of homophones (homophonic phrases or homonym sentences are two or more sets of words that sound alike), choose the link corresponding to one of the two homonyms in the image.

For example, two way, too whey, and to weigh), choose the one that you want the direction of the poem to go into.

Eventually, the path of selected homophonic phrases will form a poem until the path of homonyms chosen no longer form a comprehensible poem, even with poetic license.

Feel free to send a request using the contact form to extend the next set of homophonic phrasss for a particular path (include the code in the title of the webpage of the last page where your path ended) that you enjoyed or comment with any suggestions on a particular page.

Anybody who can create an additional homonym to an existing set will be published on their own page if approved.

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