Friday, December 15, 2017

Silly-bles app

The P!apoose Doorbelle Publishing Android app available on Google Play.


“Silly syllables! This game is too hard!” you say.

“No it’s not; just learn how to play,” Papoose barks in anger.

“Shut up, Papoose!” everyone agrees.

“Fine!” Papoose answers.




“Okay fine Papoose, teach me how to play (jerk),” you finally break the silence.

“Great! Glad you want to play. Here’s how...” Papoose responds.

“OMG Papoose, shut up! You talk soooo much,” most of you concur.


Okay so the rules are simple.

You’re given two pictures and a hint.

Between the three of them, you should be able to figure out the puzzle.

The two pictures are each one syllable of the answer.

Plus, the hint usually includes some text that goes with the answer.

The text provided in the hint, typically in quotes, can fit anywhere in the answer.

For example, suppose you have a picture of a bed and an oar plus the hint states “with ‘ess’.”

The bed has a bunch of Z’s rising from it, and the oar symbolizes the ‘row’ of a rowboat.

Together, you have Z + row + ess, which equals zeroes.

So then the correct answer is zeroes, which you type in the answer text field in the app.

Let’s try another example.

“Forget this; it’s too hard. I’m going home,” y’all agree.

“Naaoooo! Don’t leave me! I had more examples! ...more examples I tell you...” Papoose spoke into an empty room.

“Fine, but this better be a good one!” a single person answered.

Yay! Okay, I won’t let you down! ...probably.

Let’s say you have a picture of a can and a picture of a vase.

“Canvas!” you shouted.


Now let’s say you have the same two pictures plus the hint states: “with ‘her’,” along with the actual hint: “someone who draws.”

“Canvasser!” you finally answered two hours later.

Great! Papoose replied after being startled awake. Truthfully, a canvasser is actually someone who takes surveys, but that’s neither here nor there.

“So where is it?” you ask.

“How would I know?” Papoose snaps then tries to bite you viciously.

Feeling pretty good about the game now?

“No,” the one person answered as they limped out of the room, crying from the dog bite on their leg.

Great, then we’ll do this next example without any help:

The number 1 + a door + with “fool”

Think it over.

Should be easy by now.

Got it?

“Yes!” you lied.

“Wonderful!” Papoose gave the answer away.

Ready to try the app out yourself and see if you can beat Puppy1 for the high score?

Yes!!!! (Click here)

Great! Have fun!