Sunday, March 25, 2018

Play Sillybles

So you want to play Sillybles? Or maybe you don’t but are curious anyway about what makes Sillybles thinks it’s so different from all the other picture-to-word games out there on the market? 

In all honesty, it’s not that different, but at the same time, it’s a little bit different and more complex than the others and purposefully so. 
If you’re looking for a mindless word game that shows you a picture of a basket and a picture of a ball and the only challenge left is correcty spelling basketball from the pile of jumbled letters at the bottom of the screen, then this game might be too sophisticated for you or me. 

But Papoose is betting that the average person is thirsty for a new mental challenge, and once you get the hang of this, you’ll be hungry for more. Even the sample and demo puzzles are tougher than that basketball sample, and the challenge isn’t spelling, since you can rely on Android’s built-in spelling predictions to select the right word from above the keyboard. 

So what is the challenge then?

The real challenge comes from exercising your imagination. Studies show that the average person underutilizes their imagination, leading to a decrease in performance and innovation in the careers and hobbies. The real excitement in this game is taking two images, and rather than just stapling together their most obvious references and handing that in as your homework for the day, you have to stretch the imagination and draw together even the most remote interpretations to formulate just a few of the pieces of the word or phrase answer. 

So how do I solve for a word?

The pictures are the easy part. Then, there’s applying the hint provided with the puzzle to differentiate from the dozens of other puzzles with duplicate images. 

Is that it?

No, not quite. Pictures can be interpreted differently from one puzzle to the next; so what might have been "bed" in one puzzle might be "mat" or "sleep" or even just the letter "z" in another puzzle. 

So that’s easy, how many words have the letter "z"?

Fair enough. Unfortunately, clues may be provided phonetically, literally, visually, or any other play on language styles. And then there’s more. Most hints provide a clue to a third syllable of the word answer, making more complicated puzzles that don’t always turn out as the hints might initially suggest. 

To make matters more interesting, you lose more for an incorrect answer than you gain for a correct answer, and hints cost coins too. Don’t worry though, you can never run out of coins, and you can purchase a few extra for an added boost if needed. 

So what’s left?

Use the hints. You can’t possibly get the right answer without having all the right information. Use your brain. Studies show the more you exercise your imagination the more other parts of your brain spring back to life. 

Pretty soon, you’ll be asking me for harder puzzles, and Papoose will have to come up with a more challenging platform to keep her guests entertained. For now, try out Sillybles, and see if you can keep your score above the starting score of 250. 

Competition styles are still being curated (May 2018), but soon you’ll have ranking titles to compete over, and the #1 player to earn their rank honestly will have their nickname displayed in the first place spot for all other players to see. Hopefully, points away from the next rank up will start working again too soon, and those two features will help motivate you to exercise your imagination muscles and flex that hippocampus back into shape before it turns gray too. (Let’s agree brain shouldn’t be gray. In fact, no human anatomy should be gray, much less the brain.)

So we have a lot of apps to build to get back to the brilliant geniuses we were born to be. Let’s start with Sillybles and don’t stop until we’ve achieved global peace through hyperintelligence! Or maybe just try to beat my high score. (I have to use the hints too. These puzzles aren’t easy). 

Good luck. And see you in the competition zone. 

You can play non-competitive, or click at the bottom to log in with email or Google and track your score, for those ready to compete. Warmups and Advanced Beginner games coming soon. 

You can also check out my growing library still in its infant stages at PapooseWEB. New authors and contributors are constantly being scouted for the best content to deliver to our members. (Membership is free for humans)

Enjoy the games!

*Special thanks to Irene Smith and Anita Roberts for their help, trust, and faith.  

Play Silly-bles Android app

Available at Google Play Android store on Android mobile devices and tablets

*Additional acknowledgements extended to the many people who help progress the efforts of this project in a direction towards freedom, equality, unity, and the American way.