Learning Modules

The learning module is a resource for the ins and outs of granmar. From the beginner to the advanced, these short learning articles will cover the fundamentals like proper comma usage to advanced materials like algebra or literature. So once you've learned what Papoose has to teach, you can take it to the next level and apply those practices in everyday uses, like grocery shopping or writing a formal letter or sone other communication.


Translations can be tricky business, and without a human translator, they can be painfully comedic. Enter Google translate, a solution with approximately 85% accuracy, leaving 15% error that only a human translator could truly pick up because of those fine nuances in meaning words alone cannot properly convey. Some words don’t even have a translation in other languages, so that gets complicated. So this section is slow going with little time dedicated to it until translators are found to properly localize the message of each article. L

Fiction Tales

Papoose is all about sharing her wild adventures with her fans, if they are still reading her literature. But if they are, then Papoose has some wild fiction in store that blurs the line between reality and fiction and keeps you guessing as to what is going on in that wild imagination of hers. From science fiction to Buddhist Zen tales, Papoose keeps the fiction as unique as her personality dictates. Check out the available fiction links by clicking the button below. Lord only knows what mysteries and wild fantasy epics you might uncover. Scroll down after you click the below button to view the options. For poetry, visit Papoose Poetic. For children's fiction and bedtime stories, visit Papoose Rated G. You can also visit Papoose's Zen Taoism page.

Bonus Features

There's bound to be some extras and bonus stuff in any website you visit these days, so why not have the same with Papoose. She's wild and free and ready to share with the world. So grip tight and get ready to let the good times roll when you press this button and reveal the extras in store. Be sure to check out the gift shop with the priceless and coveted hoodie (hoody?) sweatshirts  with the P!apoose logo on the back instead of the front, which can only be attained by solving one of Papoose's puzzles on her Facebook page or in her book of puns, Punny Jokes 101. Scroll down after you click to view the options.


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