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106 Non-restrictive Clauses (English)

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Understanding Restrictive Versus Non-Restrictive ClausesRestrictive clauses and non-restrictive clauses are generally known by the 'that versus which' question we ask ourselves when determining when to use a comma before placing a relative pronoun in a sentence. As a general rule of thumb, a comma usually precedes 'which' and no comma before the word 'that.'
Sometimes though, it helps to understand the finer points of the grammar rules governing this confusing comma usage. 'That' is the word corresponding to a restrictive clause, and 'which' is the word corresponding to a non-restrictive clause. When 'that' is used in a sentence, the restrictive clause that follows is also known as a subordinate clause or a dependent clause.
Perhaps it helps to remember that commas are used to separate independent things, such as items in a grocery list or two sentences joined by the c…
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Open and Closed Forms

Open and Closed FormsThe concept of the open form and closed form relates to the principles of nonrestrictive clauses and is one of the few execeptions in English (US) grammar to those rules on clauses. The value of this new rule--however dated it may seem--is that it allows sentences to 'spare the ink' so to speak when referring to such grammatical elements such as appositives.The benefits of single word or otherwise short-worded appositives, for example, is that the meaning of the sentence is not lost or changed when removing the commas dictated by the rules of nonrestrictive clauses.Nonrestrictive clauses call for a comma before the relative pronoun preceded by the subject or other sentence fragment preceding it. That brings us to the exception involving the open and closed form rules of grammarOpen FormThe concept of open form is quite simple and best understood by example. Though an appositive typically does not provide additional identifying information that restricts th…

Palindromic Poem of Phonetically Alike Phrases

Build your own poem by selecting from the options presented after each previous choice you select. No matter what you pick, the result is always a poem Refresh the page to start again!! The possibilities are endless!! Warning: actual possibilities are extremely finite and also endless! Use only as directed. Void where prohibited. Odds of winning are zero or less since this is not a contest. All Rights Reserved

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Casino for Sun

Casino for Sun by Anonymous (online submission)
So how did I get here? Well first let's establish where exactly here is, which you may be wondering unless you already found something else more entertaining than the childish shenanigans of a hell-damned Asian boy with a will more powerful than the curses forced upon him as changes, however superficial, declare the victor before time can attest to whom it shows favor as the winner.

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Homynous Palindromic Poem Creator

Build your own poem by selecting from the options presented after each previous choice you select. No matter what you pick, the result is always a poem probably maybe...Refresh the page to start again!! The possibilities are endless!! Warning: possibilities are not endless.

(Select from the options below and your poem will appear directly below)

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Denny Disciple

"If you were to be like me, then I would have to be like someone else, right?" The master states as he examines his pupil's reaction after asking the rhetorically humorous question.

"Why master?" the student responds, uncertain of the response his master expects and ignorant of the intended humor.

"Because if what I have taught you is to copy someone else, then I should practice what I preach, right?" The master's words now resonating with the student.

"So I should not strive to be like you? Shouldn't I want to learn so that I can be a master like you?" The student's sincerity clear within his tone.

"Yes Denny, but you should be learning to become your true self, your own master. If you continue to see me as someone who you hope to become one day, then that perception will interfere with your ability to understand the Tao or attain zen. When you eventually awaken your true inner being, you will resent me for having taugh…

Denny's Mind Matters

"Let's discuss the air around us Denny. Can you see the air when my arms channel it's current?" Zen Chen offers his student a simple start to their next conversation.

"No master, I feel the air, and there is always a difference when you change your tone from leisure to seriousness and back. I see the trees and other objects move, so I know I am seeing you change the air," the student flatters his master with a sincere attempt to avoid sounding patronizing.

"You feel what you feel. That is your right. I feel nothing. That is also your right. I feel everything. That is for me alone. I have already begun translating the I Ching properly into English, but such power should not be wielded but any dumb local citizen proud to stand on a waiting list all night in the cold to be the first to vote on the next sheriff of his district."

"Yes," Denny agrees.

"No! Stop blindly agreeing with someone because you falsely believe there are others in…

Denny's Desires

"Well, let's examine both cases," the master jests, inviting an air of lightheartedness into the intensity forming around them. "If you were to be me, then I would have to be someone else," the zen master expresses with sincerity, despite the apparent silliness in his flawed logic. "Do you agree with me?"

Denny, unclear if he should laugh or learn, responds earnestly, "I do not agree master. A student needs someone to look up to as a leader or idol or someone to follow."

"Who then should I follow?" the master inquires. The student shakes his head in response. Zen Chen continues, "I am a student, and I always will be. I never thought of myself as a great teacher nor a master of existence. I simply am and constantly remind myself of that to ensure that I am never more than just what I am."

"I don't understand master. Aren't you teaching me the knowledge that you have?" The student expresses apparent confu…

The Queen's Sheriff

Hidden Chapter 1: Sheriff Cashgrow  Once upon a time, and that time is now!

"My good people, may I present sheriff Edwin Cashgrow, one of the few elected officers of my court. Most officials in my court are appointed by me or one of my representatives. The sheriff, however, is elected by the people using a voting process. The voting process may seem out of place in a kingdom, but when I first ascended the throne, I wanted the citizens to know that they would have a say in political decisions, such as electing a sheriff," the queen addresses the audience in her royal court from her throne above the desks of the court officials. 

"Thank yew, yew'er majesty," the sheriff humbly replies as he removes his official headdress and bows before the queen.

"Sheriff Cashgrow," the queen addresses the sheriff directly, attempting to gain his attention as his focus continually shifts from the whispers throughout the courtroom, including the officials attending t…

Hob v Gob (Hidden Beginning)

Welcome to Goblin's Hidden Game. In this puzzle, you have to decode the hidden meaning of the words spoken with a thick accent that makes it sound like other words were spoken instead. Click the links (...) at the end of the coded sentences to play. Scroll down to the bottom to see if you guessed right on any given puzzle set. The answers appear in the story after each play. My responses to Hob are hints at what he was trying to say. The best part is after you finish the puzzle, you can start over, and they'll still be just as difficult to solve. Difficulty ratings are provided. Even I can't figure them all out, and I'm the one who wrote them, so hopefully you'll enjoy the challenge...

Goblin's Grammar help
"Juan's supper knit, I'm dare! Wassup? Bee gain hand?..." he says.L1
"Right? Beginning... go on..." I answer.
"Hand edge; jostle happy! inn satay Miss now..." he continues.L2
"Okay? Right now?" I respond.