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Papoose Doorbelle is the pseudonym of a Rutgers University graduate, where Papoose minored in Philosophy and studied writing prose and poetry. Papoose also attended NYU's night classes and Chubb Institute while working full time, studying publishing and programming respectively.

Papoose was born in a small country in the Mid-East in the 1970's. Arriving to the US at a young age, Papoose required ESL tutoring to learn English in order to continue elementary school, so Papoose focused primarily on math and science as a result.

Papoose eventually became a technical writer, combining math and science skills with a love for the written word. Having won an award for Papoose's contribution to authoring a comprehensive brand standards style guide resource, Papoose began exploring the opportunity of assembling an international English style guide, offered globally, to improve communications by the use of interactive games and interwoven fiction tales. The result was a continually-growing, fiction-infused grammar guide collection of puzzles and word games.

Papoose is an expert in the English language who believes communication and friendship is the lifeblood of a functioning global utopian society.

- Papoose Doorbelle,
a canine companion