Friday, May 26, 2017

116 Quotes (English)

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Understanding Quotes

Quotes are generally used to signify spoken words in writing. There are double quotes and single quotes, each with their own useful purposes.

Using Double Quotes

Place double quotes around text that a character speaks to another character or object in the written material.
Note: Text a character speaks to the audience or to themselves is generally treated with italics, though sometimes in single quotes as well, but less often.

Using Single Quotes

Also known as 'Scare quotes,' place single quotes around a word or phrase to draw special attention to it.
Single quotes can also be used for the alternate title of a person or object; for example, Jim 'the mechanic' broke another gearbox. This example shows how single implies the sarcasm of Jim not being a mechanic, which is confirmed by the predicate where the reason for the sarcasm is provided: because he broke another gearbox.
See Quotes Exception for more information.