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102 Headline Capitalization (English)

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Understanding Headline Capitalization

For headline capitalization, the first letter of each word in a phrase or expression is capitalized, much like the headlines in newspapers, which is where the term originated. In other words, we capitalize the first letter of each word in a phrase that is treated with headline capitalization, or headline caps for short.
This Is Headline Capitalization.

Camel Case

Similarly to headline caps is camel case capitalization. In camel case, the first letter of every word in a phrase or sentence is also capitalized as well, but the spaces between the words are removed. This style became popular among computer programmers who needed descriptive titles that were easy to read but not permitted to have any spaces. Replacing spaces with underscores became a tedious process as more and more names and titles were added to a project, so camel case was the solution.

Uses of Headline Capitalization

Headline capitalization is used, in standard practices, for titles of newspaper articles, titles of publications, titles of chapters, section headers, and proper names. However, authors may choose to treat words with headline caps at their own discretion.