Friday, March 17, 2017

FractalFiction - Peace Path {WIP}

Puzzle #1  
Level : Easy

"Knot, a frayed tool of hers, two carafe tea, stander as leap."

The above is a puzzle for you to solve. 

The first part is provided here to help guide you on how to understand and solve the puzzle: 

                  Knot --> is --> Not

Now you have to figure out the rest in order to progress to the more difficult puzzles. 

Solving the puzzle first with a pen and paper before selecting any choices is the ideal method to progress to the next puzzle, but the choice is yours on how to proceed. 

After "Not" the next word is:

2) aft

4) a fray 

12) at a 

13) otter

14) taffy

19) afraid

28) Nut

29) a fear

30) to fear