Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tech Path

Tech Path Introduction

Welcome to the Papoose Path for technically savvy young minds. This section of Papoose Doorbelle Presents is intended to provide guidance in discovering various topics to study and learning in the information technology industry. This path is designed to allow Papoose's visitors to explore the various topics without having to follow a set order of pages.


The following is a list of the courses currently available or preparing for publication. Please use the form on the Contact Us page to request updates, changes, or additions.


Algebra Intro

Logic Intro


Blogger Intro


Binary Intro
Binary In Action


Learning HTML

Lateral Puzzles

Pub & Water


This path has been set up a little differently than the other paths for a number of reasons. First, there is a high probability that you've already studied and learned from topics covered in the other paths. Second, Papoose makes the assumption that students interested in exploring a career that follows a technical path are intelligent enough to continue independently with minimal guidance. Third, Papoose believes that the technical path is far too broad a subject, containing an endless array of subtopics, so a linear path would not be practical. There are other reasons as well, but those are three solid examples of why the technical path is different in appearance and approach.


The following section contains a list of subcategories available on the Technical Path by Papoose. Review the list of completed topics for that category by clicking on the subcategory name in the next section. This section provides a high-level overview of what is contained pr planned for each category and the topics that are included if not immediately obvious.
If you believe a category is missing, or a category description is incomplete, then please use the contact form to update Papoose, and her best efforts will be employed to rectify the
1) Technical Writer Path - Topics, courses, and quizzes designed to prepare a student for the rewarding life of being a technical writer. In this category, focus is on grammar, best practices, and understanding code.
2) Programming Path - Topics and self-paced courses designed to provide a hands-on experience in learning how to program, which includes leveraging external resources that complement this topics, such as W3 Schools.
3) Hardware Tech - Topics, puzzles, and quizzes to provide help and guidance on the technical knowledge needed to be a hardware technician. If you've ever gotten caught, or better still ever gotten in trouble for, taking apart electronics, then this path might interest you. Some external resources may be leveraged where the knowledge needed is better entrusted to more experienced experts, such as guidelines for using a welding tool on a piece of hardware or perhaps something simple like buying your first screwdriver.
Please note: Papoose does her best to vet each external resource for excellence, clarity, and truthfulness on a best efforts basis. Anyone who feels uncertain about a particular resource for any reason should use the contact form on this site.

Technology Subtopics

There are going to be a number of subtopics listed under this path, and those subtopics might not be released in sequential order. That is to say, topics may be released in an order other than the order they were intended to be read. For example, Advanced Algorithm Programming might be released before Learning to Program Java is released, even though the first is a prerequisite to understanding the latter. This methodology, while justifiable, may cause some confusion, which is another reason topics are not forced into sequential order; because some topics were designed as references as well as path topics.
Some of the planned topic subcategories for the technical path include: Web Development, Databases, Networking, Programming Fundamentals, Information Architecture, Resources, and of course the Technical Writer Path, which is the only subtopic that will be presented as a sequential path.