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Hoblin vs. Goblin

Hoblin vs Goblin: Chapter 2

A peaceful path requires hard training and discipline so that you can defend the cause of justice and virtue. Many people have their own beliefs in what is just and right. You will be presented with many circumstances in life where you will have to choose for yourself what is right and what cause to defend. Sometimes the choices will be difficult, but training in both the meditation studio and the martial arts studio should help prepare you for those moments in life.

Both of the two training studios--which are located in Weehawk, a district of the kingdom east of the royal marketplace--is where I train young hopefuls to attain inner peace by training in secret shaolin techniques or to realize the warrior within by learning self-defense styles from the wutang schools. They have both been passed down to me from my master before me, the evil and dreaded Bob Goblin, who studied under his master before him, the peaceful and beloved grandmaster Gob Hoblin.

You have been chosen to learn both styles, so you will learn both aspects of the secret training.
1) inner peace from shaolin techniques, and
2) self-defense from wutang training.
But first, you will train and learn to practice the style you have selected. Both styles require dedication and concentration, and neither can lead to victory without the other. So you must learn both if we are to succeed on your quest to attain zen enlightenment and become the peaceful warrior that currently resides within you as untapped potential. My studios, where my students practice their arts and exercises during class times, or where I practice whenever I have a free moment, have been closed for renovation as of a half a decade (five years) ago, while I sat and meditated in the mountaintop of Mount Astorya, just north of the queen's kingdom. For five years I sat and practiced my shaolin zen meditation until I eventually attained a new plane of zen enlightenment.

During that time in meditation on the mountaintop of Astorya, I transcended three new realms of enlightenment and conquered four entranceways into hundreds of different dimensions of reality. As the realms of enlightenment intersect those realities and different angles, I now have a limitless, though truthfully measurable, number of different ways of perceiving my own existence. This is the zen aspect of training. Anybody who can clearly understand the meaning of these words should continue on to kung fu training with no more discussion of zen philosophy.

In kung fu, the battle will be as severe as the battle is in meditation. Both cases require you to conquer your own fears and surpass your own limitations created by those fears. Every student studying martial arts in any form will or has experienced some form of confrontation that made them nervous, anxious, unsure, scared, worried, or any other emotion that can cripple you during moments of high intensity.

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