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The Papoose Gift Shop is currently offering the following products listed below.

The "p!" for Papoose trademark, logo, and official brand symbol of Papoose Publishing, Papoose Doorbelle, and all other affiliates and subsidiaries is a symbol of Papoose's promise to protect and preserve p!eace by donating 40% of profits to worthy charities.

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The softest, smoothest, best-looking hoodie sweatshirt available anywhere in the world. This genuine California fleece zip-up hoodies is a tri-blend of 50% Polyester, 42% Cotton and 8% Rayon. Ultra-soft, with a heathered look, this garment is double-sided with soft French Terry lining and a the shell is the tri-blend. The California Fleece is made from cotton that is combed for softness and comfort, including double-stitched cuffs and hem. All Hoodies are printed using a technology called Direct-to-Garment (or DTG), which lays down soft, durable, full color spectrum prints to ensure this one-of-a-kind item never fades.

Papoose believes in a future with more trees in it for increasing numbers of children that will need them. That's why forty percent (40%) of profits go to various charities to support the environment and deforestation. Charities receiving donations will be listed here.
Next Target: Brazilian Rain Basin Deforestation

Purchases are made directly through Papoose's website using secure PayPal transactions. Upon purchase of a product from Papoose, our customers are offered complete contact details, including a customer service phone number, to follow up on purchases and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Purchased items will ship within 3-5 business days from date of purchase, followed by the time for delivery of the product. Currently, sales are only offered within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Please use the contact form to request any exceptions for purchases.

Papoose Blue Hoodie Size Chart (Front & Back styles)

Small: Width: 18" Length: 27.5"
Medium: Width: 20" Length: 28.5"
Large: Width: 22" Length: 29.5"
Extra Large: Width: 24" Length: 30.5"

Blue Hoodie with Logo on Front $150

Blue Hoodie with Logo on Front

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**40% profits to charity

Blue Hoodie with Logo on Back $250,000.00 - Not Intended For Retail Sales

Papoose Blue Fleece Hoodie Logo on Back

Please scroll up to the hoodies with the logo on the front to buy a hoodie and help donate to make a difference. The following items are priced not to sell. They are awards of Papoose’s contests and are intended to be worn by only the winners of the contests.
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**40% profits to charity