Saturday, March 17, 2018

Queen's Sheriff IX

"Den whad diddy say?" the sheriff asks.
"Well sheriff. As far as I know, the Great Buddha did not answer that question at all. He simply sat there in silence and let one of his disciples answer for him," the queen responds.
"So whad didda diss hype L's say?" the sheriff asks.
"The disciple said that from meditation, he was able to achieve peace, calm, tranquility, and a true sense of the self. He was able to realize the three meridian channels flowing throughout his body and harness his chi energy to cycle the flow through the universal loop atop his head down to the base of his spine."
"Dat sounds com play Kate did," the sheriff responds.
"It's really not that complicated," the queen corrected, "and what's beautiful about it, is that anybody can do it."
"You mean aye can do id?" he asks.
"Anybody can, yes even you can," the queen answered, "to achieve Buddha mind, one has only to set his sights on attaining enlightenment, and in that moment, they are universally enlightened."
"Dat sounds too sim pull," the sheriff argues.
"Well, it takes another twenty years of study and meditation to realize what you had that first moment when you started meditation; otherwise, there is no enlightenment, only failed attempts," the queen answered,.
"Duzz dat mean even Denny, da student warrior, could attain enlightenment? If he did, den dat would flip da world on its axis," the sheriff complained.
"Well, like I said sheriff, anybody can attain enlightenment if they put their mind to it. However, I am familiar with the student named Denny, he has developed quite a reputation for himself in the kungfu world. I wouldn't be surprised if he one day challenged his own master for the title. However, I highly doubt Denny would ever even bother meditating, let alone strive for the achievement of attaining enlightenment. Then again, like I said before, anybody can attain enlightenment, so yes, it is possible, however unlikely," the queen explained.
"Well dat's comforting ta know," sheriff replied, "I wouldn't want someone like dat becomin da nexx great lee door of the religious world."
"Me neither sheriff, me neither."

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