Monday, March 26, 2018

Denny's Desires

"Well, let's examine both cases," the master jests, inviting an air of lightheartedness into the intensity forming around them. "If you were to be me, then I would have to be someone else," the zen master expresses with sincerity, despite the apparent silliness in his flawed logic. "Do you agree with me?"

Denny, unclear if he should laugh or learn, responds earnestly, "I do not agree master. A student needs someone to look up to as a leader or idol or someone to follow."

"Who then should I follow?" the master inquires. The student shakes his head in response. Zen Chen continues, "I am a student, and I always will be. I never thought of myself as a great teacher nor a master of existence. I simply am and constantly remind myself of that to ensure that I am never more than just what I am."

"I don't understand master. Aren't you teaching me the knowledge that you have?" The student expresses apparent confusion as he continues, "I am your student, right?"

"Mind your tone with me," the master warns. He pauses the comedy, slowing his stride along the paved pathway towards the queen's royal court. Zen Chen nods silently in contemplation as the student watches his master ponder the answer being prepared. Zen Chen caresses the bottom of his chin with the inside of his index finger, as he stares off into emptiness, still nodding gently, contemplating how best to formulate an appropriate response.

The student stands aside in silence.

"I think it would be better to say I am your guide than your master or teacher. Those who do not strive to become aware of their zen nature in this lifetime, which of course is what I hope you are seeking in your studies here with me as your guide, will always be amazed by the display of a zen master's abilities, as if supernatural. You, who is striving for that enlightenment, may one day surpass my popularity in this kingdom with your own zen abilities that even I might find impressive. There will come a time when all you have learned suddenly merges together as if tiny pieces being drawn together like magnets and fitting perfectly to display the big picture of this seemingly impossible puzzle of our existence." Zen Chen's word selection requires such careful consideration, he loses track of his student's receptiveness. He gauges Denny's comprehension by asking, "Did I explain that clearly?"

"Yes master," the student replies, lowering his head in contemplation of Zen Chen's response.

"Then why did you just say master again?"

Denny does not answer. The question lingers in the air as Denny's gaze at the ground of the path ahead envelopes his senses. He raises his focus as the words of his master begin to absorb into his mind. "I couldn't think of another way to address you. I am used to saying that. I suppose it is from years of conditioning," he responds emphasizing the important role Zen Chen has served in his training and life over the years.

"I understand," Zen Chen responds, and then offers his student a piece of additional advice for his mind to digest, "The next great milestone in your training will occur after you come to realize no other living being can claim to be your master. As that time draws nearer, you will come to feel your senses very strongly, along with any emotions you are carrying along this path."

"How do I rid myself of the emotions?" Denny asks. (Link coming soon)

"How do I sharpen my senses?" Denny asks. (link coming soon)