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Queen's Robot

Queen's Robot

Once upon a time, a queen ruled alongside her husband, and that time is now.
The queen is taller than her subjects, doubling their height in most cases. Her height made her vulnerable, so she had a robot built to serve as a loyal bodyguard.
She has been waiting for the robot to be completed so she can safely search for an old friend she lost touch with centuries ago. Building the robot was a project that spanned many decades. The king wanted his wife's safety guaranteed, so the project took a long time while it was programmed with every possible scenario in which harm might come to the queen. The engineers even accounted for acts of God, even though the king insisted that was the one case they didn't have to worry about.
"God wouldn't dare defy me; I'm the great goblin king!" he would respond whenever the subject was brought up. The engineers were horrified by the blasphemy they witnessed, but the king was confident that his intended meaning was understood among the heavens, so to him, it wasn't blasphemy to say that.
Never the less, the king didn't bother explaining to the engineers that "God wouldn't dare" was a compliment to God, not an insult; they simply weren't blessed with enough information to appreciate the meaning, so they remained horrified, which led them to fear working directly for the king.
The engineers began to hurry along certain features of the robot they were building, so they could finish the project and return home. Sure enough, a decade later the robot was a filly functioning replica of a humanoid. A fully electronic appliance that was indistinguishable from a partially-human humanoid, which was the closest anyone ever got to replicated a human until now.
With the robot ready to protect and serve the queen, the king felt confident of her safety and permitted her release from being confined to the castle's royal quarters. The queen could once again resume her search for the kung fu master known only as The Shine.
The queen is searching the inhabited planets of the Lydian Universe for her old friend, but can't find him anywhere. Lydian is the next universe feom the Papoose Universe, where the queen's husband rules more than half of the galaxies, and his empire continues to spread steadily over more galaxies every year.

Her citizens of the royal court are confused by her search, because her best friend is supposed to be the great goblin king, her husband. Searching for Shine led to rumors the queen was unfaithful, but her motives were purely platonic from the first day they ever met.
Still, actions speak louder than words, and the subjects saw this as a weakness in the king, and the rumors spread. In their kingdom, it is customary for a wife to be close ro her husband as her most trusted friend. Even though the feared and dreaded king of the deadly goblin army.
She is in danger, because without her old friend Shine, there would be nobody else to replace the robot, which began showing signs of faulty craftsmanship soon after he began functioning. 

It all began a century ago when she hired a team of scientists to build her a robot made out of the strongest metal alloys in the galaxy.

The robot was programmed to defend her against her enemies by always being a little faster, a little stronger, and a little smarter than anyone that came close enough to hurt her. The design specified over ten millions possible assaults and the documented defenses from the universe's most respected kung fu masters. One of which would be Shine. Shine went into hiding centuries ago, abandoning the best school for kung fu at thr time, and leaving his students in the hands of his two disciples, Master Chen and Master Shen.    

If there was no threat to her, then the robot would do one of a few things it was programmed to do: sleep, eat, refuel, and discharge smoke.The robot wasn't supposed to produce smoke, so it became evident the queen was once again unsafe.
Shine was the only human the king would trust to replace the robot, so the queen continued her search as fast as she could. The robot looked very human, but when examined closely, it became clear that there was something very different, which was supposed to be impossible to detect. Its arms were thick and strong, even down by the wrists.
He had a big pot belly, which he used to store his back up power generator in the event he needed to continually defend the queen without any breaks. The belly also housed a miniature clone of the robot, which would grow to full size upon being released and replace the robot; the last defensive measure should the robot be defeated in battle. 

The only way for the clone to be released was if the robot suffered irreparable damage. Upon the robot's death, the clone would fill out the robot's armor and continue with a new strategy to replace the failed defense. 

His feet were fast. Given that he weighed close to 1,000 pounds, he could still move and run like an Olympian athlete. But speed drained his battery, leading to recharging issues, so unless protecting against an attack, the robot moved extremely slowly. Citizens would joke that the robot took after the king, since the king never hurried for anybody; always moving slowly.

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