Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Queen's Sheriff (Part III)

"Tell me sheriff Cashgrow," the queen beseeches him, "you were only recently elected, have my advisors advised me of the correct fact?"

"Yes ma queen," the sheriff responds.

"Yet you have gained great admiration among your people in that short time," the queen passively offering her own admiration with her tone.

"Well, ma queen, I juss make sure everybody duz everything fayer," the sheriff elevates his voice, almost shouting, but the queen understands his passion on the subject. He continues, "if two guys starts a fight, well den who really started it? Trowing dem both in jail would have ta be if it happened a second time. Tha first time, somebody started it, after that, a segund time? No! they both go to jail. Haaahaa," the sheriff blares a loud roar as he laughs.

"And what if the guilty man is stalking the innocent one, leading to a second altercation?" the queen inquires. The sheriff stops his laughter immediately and wipes the smile off his face.

"Of course your majesty," the sheriff answers as he regains composure.

"Very well sheriff, are you ready to give your speech?"

"Yes, your majesty," he replies as he bows after standing to face her.

"Excellent sheriff. This bill I am enacting into law today will serve to lower the taxes temporarily during times of peace, such as now. My only concern with this was the opportunity cost of the soldiers receiving less training. Perhaps, we could discuss that at some point in the future." He nods as she finishes speaking, then signals him with her finger outstretched that he has her permission for him to exit through the corridor to the main court area to deliver the speech.

"Da Queen's citizens," announced Sheriff Cashgrow publicly in the Queen's court as he fumbled the words he read off the posting he just hammering into place, "are hereby re-kye-red ta painless, uh pay less taxes in accord-dance wid huh majesty's peacetime passive proclamation. Dese lawz had bin enactid ta reduce spending on da stuff that ain't educashun foe ahl da chelden an deh salaries fa da teachas. All odduh taxes are temporarily repealed. All knights return home or report ta da palace guardian for instructshuns." The sheriff concludes.
"Edwin," the queen summons from across the court. He lifts his head up from the scroll he holds unrolled down to the floor, "Let's post the rest against one of the pillars for the good townspeople of our kingdom to review and remember or reject," she orders Edwin.

"Yes ma queen," he responds as he rolls up the scroll with the edict reducing the town's financial toll as he nails the new bill on the nearest foundational pole.
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