Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Queen's Sheriff (Part II)

"First Sheriff, you must understand the rules," Queen Halvah advises the sheriff.

"Yes'ya majesty," the sheriff acknowledges his attention is focused on her words.

"Very well," the queen condones as she begins explaining her reasoning behind her laws. "If an issue arises that cannot be resolved peacefully, and a non-peaceful solution would lead to more problems, then a constituent, that is any citizen with the right to vote, may ask that the issue be escalated for resolution to the queen's court, in an attempt to appeal a sheriff's decision in administering a resolution. I and my court's staff take great consideration when accepting an appeal, knowing the risk it poses to a sheriff's reputation, the only true voice of the people throughout the kingdom."

"So's I can punish people fa performing poorly" the sheriff humbly interjects.

"Yes sheriff," the queen confirms. "Where was I? An issue may be escalated to my court, until it finally reaches the queen herself," she explains referring to herself in the third-person. "Where I am expected to not only resolve the issue, but ensure that any similar issues can reach the same resolution peacefully, so that they do not need to be escalated again. Do you understand sheriff?"

The sheriff repeats back his interpretation of her words as confirmation of his understanding, "So's if someone disagrees wid my punishment for der crimes, den dey can escalates it ta you, my queen?"

"Yes sheriff, that is correct; however, that does not mean you allow someone who has clearly violated the law to walk away and await appeal, right sheriff?" the queen asks rhetorically.

"Yes'ya majesty," the sheriff agrees. "You see sheriff," the queen continues, "the people have a right to revolt. That is one of my stipulations. I want to genuinely help the people live in peace, and ensure that they know that I am not infallible and they are not forced to live by my laws if they do not agree with them."

"Dat sounds very fair ya majesty," the sheriff unwittingly admits his lack of understanding with his response.

The queen explains, "If I make a mistake, I expect the people to let me know by any means necessary, even if they must rebel against my palace guards to do so. This obviously is not the most ideal method of communication within the kingdom, but as the demise of a good, honest sheriff once demonstrated, the people will not tolerate ignorance in any form, regardless of the innocence that may be associated."

"I understands ma queen," the sheriff replies.

"This is a very scary rule that no other kingdom's majestic authoritarian would dare even voice sarcastically, sheriff" the queen continues, "here in my kingdom, the only kingdom ruled solely by one queen, rather than a king and queen, and I have taken great lengths of time to ponder the pros and cons associated with such a liberal approach to providing a diplomatic balance in this monarchy."
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