Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Queen's Sheriff (Part V)

I offer my version of a diplomatic response, "Well sheriff, unfortunately, it failed to stimulate the proper macroeconomic development across multiple kingdoms because of unfair trading practices, you are correct," I reassure him, "the pricing differences were due to the poor foresight of the instability in market fluctuations among the varied kingdoms throughout all the lands and the arbitrage in pricing presented an advantage that allowed traders to realize profits at the expense other citizen's income losses. As other kingdoms established their own import and export regulations, the arbitrary fluctuations provided greater arbitrage, which provided even more opportunities for investors to realize huge gains in economies of scale, which then led to a repeal of the law by the Queen, if I understand it correctly," ending my statement with as little condescension as possible.
"Wow master," he interjects, "I'm not so sure if any of dat is true or makes any cents ta me, but it sounded really smart, so yeah, that's what I was gonna say... more or less." I smile; I honestly am not sure if what I had just said was in fact correct, but his confidence seems to have already been affected by the crowd earlier today, and explaining to him how he just agreed with my statement that may be false will certainly deepen his frustrations.
"So tell me what troubles you now old friend. Why do you care if your accent is different from the pompous aristocrats that fill the queen's future with golden rays of honey-glazed sunshine?" He finally turns his gaze at me, shaking his head with a look of bewilderment.
"Do you know how that story ends master? Before dey elected me?"
"I'm not sure. I have been away on the top of Mount Astorya," I respond with a curious tone, "perhaps one day we will sit over some tea, and I will share with you the great journey I undertook before I recently returned."
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