Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Queen's Sheriff (Part VI)

"Well masta, ebentially, all da foreign property imported widdout paying foe da newly formed import taxes was confiscated by da deputies. Da rumors had spread dat da deputies were selling or habbing someone sell foe dem da contraband on da dark market, an da funds were used ta acquire more resources ta furtha persist da deputies' efforts ta collect more contraband."
"The dark market?" I interrupt him, informing him of my ignorance, "I'm afraid that's a new term to me."
"Yeah, you neva heard ub da dark market?" he questions me in disbelief.
"I may have heard of it by a different name," I suggest, "but please continue."
"Maybe zen master, but I'll tell you about dat after dis, cuz dat's important too, ya know?"
"Yes, that would be interesting to learn about, please continue," I offer.
"Where was I now..." he mumbles passed his lips as he stumbles in his thoughts.
"You were describing the deputies collecting contraband," I advise.
"Oh yeah, dey collected more and more contraband ta sell on deh dark market. When da rumors landed on da sheriff's ears, he was horrified by da news..."
"...of such unethical practices by his deputies," I chime in sensing his train of thought would soon derail.
"Right and he immediately went and told da queen," he continues.
"Right?" I interrupt, suggesting a deeper interest in his approaching conclusion.
"She oda'd him ta retire da deputies. So he sent dem home. Dey returned ta da skill dat they apprenticed at when dey wuz young, but..." he hesitates as he reviews my reaction to what he might possibly be about to say.

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