Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Queen's Sheriff (Part VII)

"hmm...." I offer him verbally, as if proof of my ability to objectively mentally digest what was about to be revealed.
"dat sheriff," he continues, "found himself answerin ta da edge of one of da Queen's royal guard swords," he concludes.
"Sounds like the deputies used him as a scapegoat," I suggest in lieu of the knowledge of the reasoning behind the decision.
"Da ways I heard it was dat da crowds were demanding da queen return da monies or offer some sort of vigilante justice foe dey losses, and they gathered outside da court ready ta revolt cause ub dey said id was his fault foe being da supervisor ub his depudees."
"I see my friend. You are troubled by the responsibilities set upon you by the queen?" I inquire as an offer of my understanding of the troubling thoughts tinkering in his head.
"Huh? Nah masta, I can do ma job, whadaya mean?" he replies. This is why I have always appreciated my friendship with Edwin, because he is not afraid to stand up for himself no matter whom he might be facing. In this case, I understand why he responded this way; he has always been troubled that the people of his district have been able to sacrifice a sheriff who's deputies committed crimes and have continued to go unpunished. Such is the way of the peaceful warrior, and it should be a lesson to all who believe one good deed deserves another, because often times, if not always, the rule is: no good deed goes unpunished. That does not mean that you should carelessly continue about your life with complete disregard for your neighbors and countrymen, but do not expect a cash reward for something you believe was a good deed. Hopefully one day, we will all understand that the idea of good is subjective, which means that each person has their own interpretation of what might be considered a good act in a given circumstance. He continues, "Zen master, you just reminded me of some guy I ran into from da other side of the river."
"Oh? How so?"
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