Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Queen's Sheriff (Part VIII)

"He sed ta me dat when the Great Buddha was axed whad he hoped ta gain from da meditation, and den da Buddha said to him 'nothing!.' So's I says okay, dat done make sense. and so dis guy says ta me, 'of course not to a commoner such as yourself, for the Buddha gained nothin bud was able ta remove all his hate, and greed, and anger, and negativity by meditating."
"I'm so relieved sheriff that you spoken in this manner, was this one of my student's? do you know his name?"
"Yah, he colds himself 'Dareel Zendeele' but I tolds him you'd ged mad and he sed you are harmless, so I kicked him out back to his district an told him not to come back for a month." the sheriff apologetically relays to me with a slight hint of concern that I might not believe his story.
"I am aware of this man-child that is preaching and professing throughout the kingdom, claiming to be my master."
"Well whad should we do Master Chen? I done think I can arrest him fa lying, even if it's not right. He didn't steal anything dat I saw, and the kids and the young ladies seem ta like him."
"Sheriff, someone like that is someone we should feel sorry for, not threatened by. If he were to attack me, I'm not sure how I would react, perhaps I might teach him a thorough lesson from my catalog of Wutang defenses, or perhaps I would defend myself using a humorous approach, such as drunken boxing, but at the same time, reacting so quickly, that my gentle touch provides him comfort instead of pain. And maybe that act of helping him to save face, might lead him to continue his childish rants to the children and pretty women, who seem to enjoy his company" I answer, but then immediately regret my response as I watch the words exiting passed my lips.
"I don't understand dat at all Zen Chen," he replied. This is an interesting aspect to my friendship with young Edwin; when he hears something he doesn't understand, something that he was taught as a child could be a potential threat as a result of a con or hustle, he immediately raises his defenses, and let's me know he has taken offense by changing the title with which he addresses me by dropping the title Master.
"Let me explain myself Sheriff, but before I do, I want you to understand, that as a teacher to children, it is important to set a proper example for them to follow."
"Oh okay, so you just saying to take pity on him cause he so pitiful?" he asks me, searching for a way to comprehend my reaction to what is clearly a violation of my respected title in the kingdom.
"Sheriff, first of all, he was lying to you. The Great Buddha did not answer the question of 'what have you attained from meditation' with the answer of 'nothing' unless he was making a humorously ironic reference to the realm of nothingness, which I recently attained again while meditating in the mountains."
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