Tree Diver Continued (WIP CH2)

[BEG CopyTo: RobotGob R.g(WIP3)]

"So take the oxygen out of the air," I commanded to the lowest rank of her branches; however, the pawn clearly understood that it was a mere suggestion, if even that, for them to consider or ignore, but more importantly is adhering to the most delicate, and therefore also most critical, risk in the fragile plan glued together with the shattered fragments of all the failures that preceded this attempt.

The lowest level closest to me of her mighty army was tasked with translating my words as well as my emotions and feelings inside me that my tone and delivery might mask so that every Elderwood up to and including Muthoh Hearth would clearly interpret my message with more than just the words, eliminating the chance of any tree misinterpretting my intentions as an attempt to order or demand my will upon them; and, if you understand why, then (WrongPathViolation, CB)

Elected or appointed, or whatever pedestel is perceived to have been placed as my privilege, when the message from them is delivered, it will be clear no humanoid would want to have to confront his  own race on the whole planet, and so that pedestal envisioned to be lifting me, is the Queen's furniture, as it is her message I carry of the terms of the robot's penance to the king, creator of their realm.

The branch trusted with capturing my suggestion was the one that happened to be closest to me when the realization came over me of the impending confrontation brewing among the ranks of the humanoid ranchers, or jolly ranchers (circle back - they hunt anybody who displays inner joy - Diver?) as I have come to affectionately nickname anyone who claims, or more accurately: better not claim anymore, authority over i, the chosen voice to deliver the message sent from Mother Urth, Queen to the Goblin King, and the more forgiving of the two in matters of violations of the goblin law. (CB, Diver?)

Among the trees, which extend out from the moon(Restrictive) housing the robot prison and transcend out to the once peace-filled cooperative, but now imbalanced utopia, there is no assignment of superiority, caste, class, or other form of categorization; a twig and the trunk of the deepest rooted ElderWould considered each other the same being; not extensions of a single lifeform, but the lifeform itself, just as the bone of a thumb and the vertebrae of an animal are the same being.

The branches of the trees, each an exact duplicate of the branch it is rooted to except scaled down a fraction, like clones extending child versions of themselves, act as beacons for the InterStellarElite(selfnote: ConsistencyViolation? Circle Back) so they can monitor the robots from a distance.

Ensuring the humanoids never realize the memories of other planets and the eventual advantage that they might have attained were both removed their storage of variables input into the calculation engines that were constantly improving the equations to progress closer to the primary objective, along with a disorientation algorithm to prevent the robots from questioning the gap in their historic reference files during the quality tests each new robot was hardcoded to perform--a failsafe the inventors included when they were planning all the necesary details to ensure their gift would be worthy enough to warrant genuine wonder from their own creator.

But more importantly is the concern of the ISE to make sure the robots stay confined without any additional surprises that might require further enforcement measures to uphold goblin law

Every twig of every branch throughout the endless fields of Elderwood covering the moon was equal in every aspect to all the others, including Mutha Heurth herself[GR :: Appositive]. The very thought of one tree gaining pleasure by hurting another tree would be considered as illogical as incomprehensible and poisonous nonsense to even humor as a plausible occurence.

The inventors, committed to creating a humanoid that would reach the final stage so they would earn a response more flattering and in a different category altogether than if Gob were to detect a flaw that would instead result in a father praising his child's attempts as positive reinforcement to comfort the disappointment of his offspring's trials, encouraging his child to keep trying but at the same time postponing the sense of accomplishment that would have symbolized the beginning of adulthood, though that analogy implies the inventors proving themselves equal to their own creator.

The inventors (intro: selflessness, Sin-ventions) were intent on receiving the recognition that they achieved the impossible; performed a miracle, and earned the respect of a peer from the Goblin King, Creator of the reality that constructed the fabric of their existence.

And there lies the explanation why the robots were sentenced for disposal. The virtue the inventors had yet to harness, a milestone for all the beings to achieve in order to transcend Gob's realm and continue to the next, or just another, level in the endless heirarchy, could not be properly factored in to their blueprints, because they simply did not understand that virtue, the root cause for the judgment passed down by G^2(cb), as thoroughly as the king, who's creation of life included the necessary spark for those entering His realm to add onto their spiritual foundation, which acts as a support structure for spiritual developmen.

The inventors of the humanoids were close to completing their adventure,  apprenticing under Gob directly, the final phase, as their spiritual growth neared completion of most of the objectives assigned in that stage.

Gob, their Creator, was appointed to rule after completing His own service as apprentice to a king of a different realm, just as the advanced students now practice applying the knowledge gained as a result of learning and adopting virtues, a process that cycles in waves of greater and greater knowlege the more the virtue is better understood and imprinted onto the spirit, (read: soul)

However, by definition, the word soul implies divine endowment, but beings can only attain the rites(rights?) of paasage to a realm at the level of one of the goblin kings by self-realizing the birth of internal (eternal) energy. The adventure, which may seem arduous during the quest, becomes nostalgic later as the importance of non-interference in the early stages becomes apparent, which then explains and excuses the resentment of abandonment with sufficient grace to remove even the slightest trace of betrayal or doubt.

Once stable and secure enough to ensure a spiritual foundation persists with the being's awareness as they unite to transcend beyond physical space, the spark of virtue is embedded to the foundation, like an embryo in a womb, where it can reignite automatically if extinguished, allowing beings to foster the traits required for the coexisting peacefully with the beings at equivalent piety upon the next elevation.  in one of the earlier levels

Accounting for every possible external influence, they engineered the robots to persevere as long as time would allow along the path programmed as their primary mission.

And by creating proof of their lack of understanding of the how deep the roots of selflessness must be amchored, the inventors remained confused by the response they received when the first batch of robots were presented as a gift.

[END Robot Gob]

"Only I will breath oxygenium, while they mutate ever more into disease and despair, ever unaware, so never unfair claimed when I share Hearth's terms as you prepare for the war of no more air."

[END Tree(WIP3)]

Queens Party Add-on

"So take the oxygen out of the air," I commanded to a branch of her ranks; however, they understood that it was a mere suggestion for them to consider or ignore, but that's irrelevant (not really, Q.p.CB), but more importantly is adhering to the most delicate, and therefore also most critical, risk in the fragile plan glued together with shattered fragments of all the failures that preceded it.

Attentive Puppy


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Puppy Barks 101


Hyperactivity can be detected an early age. Reading stories at an early age that can later be referenced such as fables and fairy tales can be helpful if repeated enough times before symptoms worsen. I remember all the fairy tales I either read or watched when I was still able to sit quietly at attention in the eight hour classroom each day. I did a report on Moby Dick, and the teacher said I was too detail oriented; maybe not in those exact words, but I remember having no idea what else to offer her since I just learned English a few months earlier.

Once ADHD sets in, reading something that does not stimulate certain regions of the brain simply is not processed. A child can read the same sentence thirty times and never be able to read the next sentence because they have no recollection of what they just read. The information is not processed, so the child goes back and reads that first sentence again and again. Whatever that subject is, and I understand some experiences differ in deegree, or numbers only, or certain topics, words, and so on.

So, I remember all the books published by Penguin, and I was reading about one a week. They were little and had a picture drawn on every other page.

Puppy Problems

The following story is about a puppy and his master. You are the puppy. People who aren't puppies are the masters or humans.

Puppies are not human; they are dogs. Humans are not puppies, but they can still be dogs.

Puppies eventually grow up to be just like humans, only smarter, faster, and a lot more fun to be around.

Once you are a puppy, you can't suddenly stop being a puppy; that's silly. Being silly can be fun, but only when puppies are playing with other puppies.

When dealing with slow humans, puppies need to slow down, take it down a notch, and respect that humans live in a slower existence.

Puppies run fast, bark fast, eat fast, pretty much do everything fast. Humans not so much.

So when puppies are around humans, they need to slow down a little.

5 Ways Puppies Can Slow Down

These techniques can be enjoyed by both puppies and puppy owners. Read carefully; my stories may have a few double entendres here and there.