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Hypothetical Statements

Which one is right?

If she was going to go...

If she were going to go...

Hypothetical Statements use were for sentences that did not, do not, or might not have actually occurred.

This is a rare grammatical usage for more advanced language studies, so let's circle back later and keep it simple for now. (Path :: Poetic)

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Slashed Constructions

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Slashed Constructions

This is one of the easier concepts to understand in English grammar.

It simply allows for a sentence to have two alternate interpretations, one for each version that includes one of the two words provided.

So instead of writing two sentences that only differ by a single conjunction...

It is green or purple.

It is green and purple.

We use a slash...

It is green and/or purple.


A Slashed Construction is the combination of terms by way of a slash.

That's it.


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An appositives is a word, usually a noun or pronoun, that directly modifies the noun or pronoun directly preceding it.

For example:
I Papoose am writing.
I, Papoose Doorbelle, am a writer.
Papoose, canine philanthropist, likes to write appositives.


The appositives are the words directly proceeding the subjects and receive no special treatment.

Comma Usage

Open form and closed form comma usage follows restrictive or non-restrictive grammar rules.

Simple, right?

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This is a word Papoose invented to describe the treatment of an appositive. (For Poetic Path only)

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